Do it yourself Transdermal Magnesium Chloride Therapy

magTransdermal Magnesium Therapy is a hot topic lately. You can read lots of articles on the net about the problems associated with magnesium deficiency. For one, it affects atheletic performance.

Magnesium relaxes the muscles and calcium tightens the muscle.

Some year ago, a naturopath recommended me to take magnesium cell salts to stop muscles spasms I had in my arm.

The transdermal form of Magnesium supplementation is absorbed way faster and more efficiently than any other form. Transdermal Magnesium Therapy just involves spraying and massaging a magnesium “oil” into the skin, or taking salt baths. Easy peasy. After all there’s not much difference between taking a salt bath or rubbing a magnesium solution into the skin, except the price.

“Magnesium chloride triggers DHEA, the master or youth hormone which controls all of the other hormones in our body.

Over 3300mg of elemental magnesium is in each 30ml rubbed into the skin – and in a few minutes, it’s in there working to balance the entire body at a cellular level. This amount of magnesium cannot be tolerated by the digestive system with oral magnesium.”

However, this magnesium oil is not cheap. Baths work out expensive as well, and you need a tub…

So here the way to do it affordable. No matter how many gurus tell you this is not a good option, keep in mind they have interest in the products they recommend. However, you still have to use the salts from Ancient Minerals.  Visit Ancient Minerals homepage for Europe. But instead of buying the finished product, you make it yourself. Read the transcript or visit the link at the bottom of the page for step by step instructions on how to make your own magnesium oil.

“Ancient Minerals magnesium flakes are extracted from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Europe, 1600 to 2000 meters deep in the interior of the Earth. Well protected for the last 250 million years, they are the most pure magnesium flakes in the world.”

This cheap alternative is recommended by Dr Mark Sircus, author of the book “Transdermal Magnesium Therapy”.

“I just had a chat with Mark Sircus, the writer of Transdermal Magnesium, and he told me about cheaper alternatives to “perfecly pure” magnesium oil. I wont bother you any longer, here is a transcript:

zenfood says: Hello, I have a Question about magnesium chloride.

Mark Sircus says: sure

zenfood says: Two questions (these may be foolish, if so, sorry!) : Why is the chloride in magnesium chloride actually good for the body, and the chlorine in water bad? Second question: would a Nigari solution give good results if one cannot find “true” magnesium oil? Thanks

Mark Sircus says: yes Nigari can be very nice

Mark Sircus OMD says: i dont have all the science and my writings in front of me but

Mark Sircus OMD says: chloride is a natural chemical the body uses

Mark Sircus OMD says: chlorine is a different form

Mark Sircus OMD says: one that the body does not use

Mark Sircus OMD says: so its a poison


Mark Sircus OMD says: you need to get the Ancient Minerals bath flakes

Mark Sircus OMD says: very pure and cheap

Mark Sircus OMD says: they are available in ca

Mark Sircus OMD says: you can make your own oil with it

Mark Sircus OMD says: they dont sell it that way

Mark Sircus OMD says: in the US 6.5 pounds is 55 bucks

Mark Sircus OMD says: you can make two gallons with it

zenfood says: I just put the bath flakes into water until it saturates, yes?

Mark Sircus OMD says: exactly

Mark Sircus OMD says: pure water

zenfood says: RO (Reverse Osmosis) good enough?

Mark Sircus OMD says: sure

Mark Sircus OMD says: you should get my book Sodium Bicarbonate

Mark Sircus OMD says: it has best chapters on using the flakes and oil


Mark Sircus OMD says: get some of their Iodine while you are at it

zenfood says: i wish i had something i could take baths out of… i know you can with the bath flakes, but at ~1pound per bath, thats over $10 a bath

Mark Sircus OMD says: yes that gets expensive

Mark Sircus OMD says: best is magnesium massage

Mark Sircus OMD says: person does not even have to be that skilled

Mark Sircus OMD says: not skilled at all actually

Mark Sircus OMD says: or do yourself

Mark Sircus OMD says: just spread it all over your body like suntan screen

Mark Sircus OMD says: go out in the sun even

Mark Sircus OMD says: and then combine that with oral use

zenfood says: i can find dead Sea Salt with 33% magnesium chloride cheap enough to make bath out of: good enough?

Mark Sircus OMD says: and you will pump in the magnesium

Mark Sircus OMD says: yes

Mark Sircus OMD says: and buy ten pounds of sodium bicarbonate while your at it

Mark Sircus OMD says: put that in the bath and in your drinking water as well

zenfood says: they say there is 25% potassium chloride, any dangerous?

Mark Sircus OMD says: no” (Extract taken from

Visit Dr Sircus’s website to learn some facts about magnesium.

Take a moment to download an interview in mp3 format and listen to it. It might be one of the best supplement you’ll take for your health and athletic performance.

Magnesium dries out the skin. Remember to protect your skin with a natural moisturizer. Personally, I have been using extra virgin coconut oil for over the last 8 years. It is easily absorbed into the skin and feels very good. Good enough for the Tahitian beauties, good enough for me!

Here’s a step by step blogpost about making your own magnesium oil.


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4 responses to “Do it yourself Transdermal Magnesium Chloride Therapy

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  3. Very interested in this trans-dermal magnesium, and a;so a huge believer in the importance & power of Magnesium, but, have a question. Wouldn’t it be successful, and a good thing to do, to get a multi-mineral liquid supplement, to take every day? That way, all the minerals are working in sync, and you have balance, rather than singling out one mineral. Thanks.

    • Hi Barbara, I am no nutritional expert… I think the magnesium therapy is great for people lacking magnesium, and yes as you mention, any supplementation of a single element might create imbalances in the long run. Personally I now only do the magnesium once a week, and from a few weeks back have stopped taking any supplements such as fish oil, vit D or any such thing. Without a decent blood diagnostic, self medicating can be a gamble… Supplement companies are after 1 thing, and it’s not our best interest.

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